About Oriel

A sustainable energy company established to develop offshore wind farms in Ireland. The company's first project is the development of a Wind Farm in the North Irish Sea. The Oriel Wind Farm will be the first fully operational commercial Wind Farm developed in Irish waters.

The Oriel Wind Farm license area lies 22km off the coast of Dundalk, Co Louth, in the territorial waters of the Republic of Ireland. The company is headquartered in Dundalk. Oriel Wind Farm is backed by business, professional and wind farm interests with proven track records in the sector.

Total MW 330 MW

Number of Irish families being served

250,000 homes

Estimated Carbon Saving

600,000 metric tonnes

Construction employment Over 1000 direct and indirect jobs

Long Term Employment

Around 100 direct and indirect jobs

About Ireland’s Offshore Wind Potential

Ireland has one of the largest offshore wind resources in the world.  The Government’s Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan, published in 2014, indicated the potential to generate up to 10,000 MW of renewable energy from offshore wind energy. Internationally, offshore wind is the most rapidly growing source of renewable energy.

Developing our offshore wind resources would help Ireland achieve the following: Avoids potentially billions in EU fines by helping to achieve our renewable energy targets; Increase security of energy supply; Create a new indigenous industry for Ireland, comparable to tourism and agri-food; Deliver significant job creation, both directly and indirectly.

Ireland’s territorial waters are ten times the size of our land. This offshore wind resource will not run out.  It will always be there for the people of Ireland.  But at the moment, the resource is being wasted.  The State is receiving no benefit from, what could be, a very valuable asset. While Ireland’s offshore industry has been slow to develop, much of the preparatory work has already been done.  Offshore is well placed to deliver the clean renewable energy that Ireland needs.